The Greeting from President of GUNZE SPORTS (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD.


The Greeting from President of GUNZE SPORTS (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD. After undergoing the civil war for decades, Cambodia, now, is in the stage of the economic development. As an emerging nation in the incessantly growing Asia, Cambodia is recently getting much more attention from investors. In in this regards, we would like to help people in Cambodia to maintain their physical and mental health by our company, namely GUNZE SPORT (CAMBODIA) Co., LTD. Which was established in March 2015. GUNZE SPORT CORPORATION was founded in 1984, Under the group of GUNZE CORPORATION which was established since 1896; its value is about “Enrich your Life”, and GUNZE SPORT CORPORATION is achieving one of successful growth among other companies in the group. Besides offering the gym and sport club services in Japan, we also provide the service on arranging and instructing at public facilities, and the service of sending instructor for training.

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